• One mother was asked what it was like when she toured the homes to prepare for her daughter to leave the hospital.  She said, "It was really eye-opening.  the Nurses care for them and love them.  It seems like a really caring place."
  • That child's father said,"I want her home but KenCrest is like home, too.  I feel comfortable with KenCrest.  It has a family atmosphere.  KenCrest will train me and my wife.  I know they will show us the proper way to take care of our daughter.  She's going home.   To her second home which is KenCrest.

The services each child receives are determined by each child's individual needs. 

Medical support includes 24 hour nursing care. Our pediatricians are from the Nemours Pediatric practice (Thomas Jefferson Health Care System and A.I. DuPont Children's Hospital).  Our pediatricians visit weekly or whenever determined necessary.

Rehabilitation is planned and implemented in each home by licensed Speech/Language Pathologists, an Occupational Therapist, and a Physical Therapist.

Program Planning is a collaborative process coordinated by the Program Specialist (QMRP) in which families, medical/nursing staff, and therapists determine the goals that the team will work on with the child.  Individual Program Plans (IPP's) are reviewed quarterly.

Child Development and Educational support is determined by the age of the child.  Children younger than age 3 receive early intervention services in the homes through ChildLink.  Children from age 3 to school-age receive preschool special education services through Elwyn, Inc.  These "birth-to-five" services are determined by multidisciplinary evaluations and either an "Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) or for the pre-schoolers, an "Individual Education Program" (IEP).  Most pre-schoolers attend a local preschool such as Easter Seals or United Cerebral Palsy. 

School-age children attend local public school with the support of an Individual Educational Program (IEP) which may include individual nursing support on the bus and in school.

Social Services support is provided by a licensed social worker.  Resources from outside agencies are matched with the child and family's needs and interests.  Emotional support is available to all family members. 

Transportation is provided to medical appointments and community outings by our Transport Team.  The team determines whether a child needs to be accompanied by one or two nurses.  Families are notified about all appointments and outings and are encouraged to come with their child and the team.