A 2010 Accomplishment!

"Please join me in congratulating the staff and administration of the Ridge and Waterman Avenue homes (Roxborough and Chestnut Hill locations) on yet another year of inspections without a deficiency.

This the fourth year in a row that these homes have passed their inspections without any deficiencies.  Anyone can appreciate the magnitude of this accomplishment for the staff and the administration of these two homes when you take into consideration all the facets of the home that need to be performing at optimum level especially during an unannounced inspection.  These excellent survey results reflect on the extraordinary care we provide to these special children each and every day.  We should all be proud."                                      Rosemarie Kehoe, Director

"Rose, Congratulations to you and your staff, another year, another GREAT job!!  Thanks for all you do for us everyday."  Pam Scheussler, Chief Operating Officer 

"Congratulations on another great inspection year.  You should all be proud of your accomplishments.  Thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication."                Loyce Rotzell, Director of Community Living                                


Chestnut Hill home

For the past six years these homes have been licensed by the Department of Health as Intermediate Care homes for infants and young children with disabilities. .

Roxborough home

Annual inspections by the Department of Health ensure the homes are compliant with state and federal regulations. For the past four years, both of these homes have had ZERO deficiencies

The Roxborough Home is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2016!

Open in 1991, our Roxborough home location is getting ready to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Situated in a beautiful 200 year old, 3-story building this home mixes accessibility with colonial charm.

The Chestnut Hill home, open in 1994, provides the same safe, comfortable home-setting as our initial home. The home is an easily accessible one-story home with a handicapped accessible playground and swing set!  Located blocks away from the center of beautiful, historic Chestnut Hill.

Both homes are easily accessible by public transportation, located less than a mile from their respective neighborhood hospitals, and a short drive to world-class pediatric medical facilities.