Our Social Worker interacts with each child and family in our homes regularly.

When the child comes to our home the families find that the homes have a look and feel that is more like their own home, a welcome respite after long hospital stays.

When families know that their child is safe and comfortable in one of our homes, they can start bonding with the child and this includes the child's siblings.  KenCrest will then implement training for the child's caregivers so they can confidentally and independently care for their medically fragile child.

The family can then begin planning for the day when their child will be able to come home.

What is the admission process?

KenCrest receives a referral that a child may benefit from our services.  An information packet from the hospital is sent to KenCrest.  After reviewing the preliminary information, our team visits the child to assess whether we can meet that child's needs.  Once that has been determined,  we welcome the family for a visit at our home.  When the mutual decision has been made by all parties that KenCrest can best meet the child's needs, admission papers are completed by the attending physician. Admission can take place in about one weeks time.

What is the cost for your program?

All cost for this program are covered under Medicaid.  There is no cost assigned to the family or to the child's insurance.

What can I do with my child while they are living at one of the KenCrest Homes?

Families are encouraged to visit the homes as often as they can to spend time playing and caring for their child.  While in the home families are encouraged to participate in all routine baby care.   Our staff assist family members when they visit.  Once the family and child have settled into the home, our team meets with the families to discuss and develop a plan for training the family in the medical care of their child.  The training is designed to help family members increase their comfort level in caring for the child's needs. 

When community outings are planned, families are notified. Families are encouraged to participate in all outings with their child.

Who would take my child to their medical appointments?

Our transport nurse coordinates all medical appointments.  The transport nurse will ensure that the family as well as the primary care physician are aware of all medical appointments.  Families are encouraged to attend.  A KenCrest nurse accompanies the child to all medical appointments, including the child's Specialists.

When can my child go home?

Every child who is admitted to our program has specific medical needs.  Once a child is medically cleared to be discharged from our program,  a discharge meeting takes place between the KenCrest team and the caregivers.   A discharge plan is agreed upon, developed, and implemented in a timely manner.  Our Care Coordinator, Social Worker, and other members of our team assist the caregivers with every detail needed to ensure a safe transition to their home.