From our families, their personal reflections on their experience with KenCrest. . .

  • "Thank you for helping me care for my child during this very strenuous time period."
  • "I am so glad that I can come and see my child every day now that he is so close to home!" 
  • "Your homes are so beautiful and well cared for."
  • "It's like a second home.  You get a warm feeling.  The nurses actually care about your child.  I like the program and how you are included in everything."
  • "I like KenCrest because it's a house."
This mother comes and
cares for her child daily

Upon admission our team immediately begins working with all participating family members. We ensure through cohesive teamwork that our families learn and are confident in attending to the special needs of their children. Our staff is always there to reinforce the correct techniques and procedures allowing the family members to gain independence safely.

Our team works with each family to develop a discharge plan based on the needs of the child.  The team maps out the best strategies to train each caregiver, develops a time frame for independence from our transitional home, and ensure that families are adequately equipped to take care of their child at their home.

Home Life

Busy Homes

Each of our homes provides care for six children.  Along with their medical needs being met, these very special children require and receive the same educational experiences that any child their age would.  Often there will be some children going off to school in the morning and others preparing to receive their in-home therapies.  The children also enjoy their weekly music therapy along with individualized community outings.  If this seems like one busy day, keep in mind that our dedicated nurses and child care workers make it happen seven days a week, 365 days a year.  

A little snuggle time!

Individualized Care

Our program cares for children who require an intensive level of medical care. Our Transport Nurse schedules all medical appointments with the child's individual specialists, schedules any special procedures the child may require, and ensures the family is aware of and encouraged to attend appointments.  Our Care Coordinator updates parents on their child's medical status on a regular basis.  Our medical team and entire staff is always available to answer any questions.


Away we go!

Community Inclusion

Children are inquisitive and curious by nature.  Our special children are no different.  What child is not excited by the prospect of a visit to Santa, a symphony of the senses at the Zoo, or the "hands on" experience of the Please Touch Museum.  Our children experience these coummunity interactions along with many more.

For those children who are ready to go to school, our program works with  medical Insurance companies to have "one to one" nursing come to the home to take the child to school. Our program ensures that the nurses who are taking children to school meet the same criteria as our KenCrest Nurses.

Stirring up fun!

Special Thank Yous

Recently, one child was discharged to his foster mother after she completed training in his care. When staff thanked her for her hard work, she replied,
“You’re welcome, I thank you and your staff for overextending their gratitude. I also want to thank them for the training, advice, and words of encouragement. May God Bless them for all that they have done for my child and the other children they care for. My time there has been priceless and has encouraged me even more to continue what I do.¨