As I see it. . .

Compared to other long-term care facilities, the thing that makes KenCrest special is that a lot of the other long-term care facilities or hospitals - they have very typical hospital rooms, hospital set-ups, and the children often don't have full run of the actual facility or environment.  Here at KenCrest, the children sleep in real bedrooms that are designed and decorated to not look like a hospital room.  They play in playrooms, have access to yards and swing sets.  And we try and get them out into the community to experience what other children experience as much as possible. 

Dr. Deborah Consolini,  MD, Pediatrician


Nurse and child share
special time together

  What makes us different?

♦  Our homes are "transitional", providing specialized care between the hospital setting and the child's permanent homes.

♦  Our goal is that each child be discharged to their "forever" family.

♦  Our nurses are experienced pediatric ventilator trained nurses.

♦  All nurses are KenCrest employees.       

♦  Children receive therapies twice a week on average.

♦  Both homes are in residential settings in the Philadelphia area yet close to easily accessible public transportation.

♦  Homes are close to superior pediatric medical facilities should the need occur.

♦  Our admission process does not require insurance approval, room and board is paid for through Medicaid.      

♦  Our homes are licensed through the Department of Health. 

♦  We welcome the yearly safety and program inspections.  Our homes have the distinction of zero deficiencies for the past four years.

♦  Families are encouraged to visit as often as possible.

♦  We support our families with a full time Social Worker and a medical staff that will train caregivers to independently care for their child.