Ask the families

  • Family involvement is one of our cornerstones.
  • The mother of a recently discharged child writes, "Thank you for the special care given to my son while he was in your care.  Thank you."
  • The father of a newly admitted child told the team, " I feel  so comfortable here."
  • Recently, one child was discharged to his foster mother . I thank you and your staff for overextending their gratitude. I also want to thank them for the training, advice, and words of encouragement. May God Bless them for all that they have done for my child . My time there has been priceless and has encouraged me even more to continue what I do.¨


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Providing time to nurture


Celebrating 26 Years


Residential Care for Children

In 1991, KenCrest developed the first model transitional care home for infants and young children who were ready for discharge from hospitals, but whose families could not provide the skilled care they required.

Our purpose is to prevent further institutionalization, promote social, emotional, and developmental growth, along with the physical healing of the chld.  Thereby providing the child a home setting in the community while facilitating the ability of the biological family to take their child home.  

Our Mission

To provide transitional care to children who are medically fragile while promoting 1) the growth of the child both physcially and emotionally, 2) enhance and strengthen the bond between parent and child, 3) increase independent parental skills working toward reunification. 

Different from the hospital or institutional setting, this model of care was chosen because it has been proven that the home environment greatly enhances the developmental, social, and medical rehabilitation of each child.

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